Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Dot

Our story this week, well actually last week, is The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. It's about a little girl, Vashti, who doesn't like to draw. It's a really cute little story and my kids loved it. Her teacher puts her drawing of a dot in a swirly gold fame. This inspires Vashti to make more dot paintings- big dots, little dots, etc. Today we did two art activities. They made a small painting of their own dot and they painted a gold frame. The frames came from Michael's. I saw some that were swirly but they were $4 each. Nah. Couldn't do it. These were cutouts- I think 6 in a pack for a dollar.

Here they are painting their frames with glitter paint- oooh!


Some made a dot by NOT painting a dot like Vashti does in the story.

I worked with them in small groups with the painting. My sweet momma helped us today. She comes on Thursdays. While we were painting, the rest of the kids were drawing a picture from a dot. I got this freebie from TPT. Here's the link.

The idea is to create a picture from the dot. The dot can be anything- an eye, a head. These turned out sooooo cute. My favorites- the duck and the pirate. Can you spot the dot?

     He wasn't quite finished but I snapped a picture anyway.

                                        This is a "caterpillar balloon."

    This duck cracks me up. He looks like he has on sunglasses.


If they finished that (which some of them did), they worked on my comprehension activity which I have on TPT.

It was a pretty good day. They had a lot of fun. We don't have Art or Music anymore so it was nice to see them creating something. I heard, "I'm going to make a dot by not painting a dot, just like Vashti."


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