Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! Readers' Theatre

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Next week, we will be on Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! which is one of my favorite stories of the whole Reading Street series.

I made a readers' theatre for it several years ago and we act it out. They have SO much fun with this. I have some little actors, let me tell ya. They put some attitude in it!

So anyway, I drew some clipart to go with it and uploaded it on TPT today. It also has masks.

This is how I do the play in my classroom. I am the tree the dog is tied to. What I do is- I tie one end of a long piece of rope to my belt loop and the other end to whoever is playing the dog. I hold the script in my hand (the dog doesn't really need it). I tap his foot when it's time to tug and bark. Trust me, they get into the barking. Then Little Chick runs around the tree and Dog chases her. The rope wraps around me until the kid gets stuck. By this time, the whole class is going crazy laughing. I also usually let Dog be a struggling reader because they don't have to read anything and they still get to be in the play. Plus, everyone else wants to play the dog. So it gives them a chance to be successful.

Last year, the boy who played Middle Chick was hilarious. He ad libbed quite a bit. After the dog barks at him, he went running back to Hen like he was supposed to. But then he started doing karate moves at the dog. I was like, "that's not how it goes!"

Here is the link if you think your class might enjoy it.

First person to comment gets it for free! Just leave me your email address and I will send it to you.


Paula said...

I love it! How creative!! Thanks for sharing!

R addington said...

Thank you:) I will send the packet to you right now. Hope your kids enjoy it!

Em Hutchison said...

I posted about that story this week too! We just finished it. I posted about an anchor chart we did and a "real world" reading diagram that my husband drew for the story.
Thought you may be interested!

Curious Firsties

R addington said...

I checked it out. Those chicks are super cute! I want to look at that diagram you're talking about.

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