Friday, August 9, 2013

Pirate Theme and a Freebie

Arrgh you ready for school to begin again?

I'm NOT. But here it is upon us. The kids come back on the 19th but we officially start back on the 12th. Which I'm kinda excited about because we've never had 5 days to get ready for the school year. I had great aspirations of going up there this week and getting started but my tooth started killing me Sunday night. Dentist Monday- tooth has to be pulled- had to take pain meds all week and antibiotics- got it pulled this morning-taking more pain meds-plans got derailed.
So mainly I've been trying to do things at home to get ready. I have decided to do a pirate theme this year and I'm so excited about it. I just don't know if I'm going to be able to pull it off in time. I've been working on my BB at home. Got my pirate, boat, sail, and treasure chest drawn and ready to be laminated. The pirate is around 2 feet long. I made his pants out of a gift bag:) The ship is going to be really big, but it's still in pieces. 

I also wanted to make a big sail for the classroom and take down my forest tree. Maybe a palm tree? Not sure if I'm going to have time. I bought an old sheet at the thrift store to make the sail. Not sure how to attach it yet.

I have been busy making pirate themed stuff. Just sent it all to the printer and am going to laminate it today. I made pirate themed name tags, focus wall cards, and literacy center cards. Here are the links if anyone is interested in getting them. I made the name tags for what I wanted. The main thing I wanted was to have number words on the name tags so the kids can use them. I have probably 2/3 of my class every year who do not know number words. So I use this trick a teacher taught me- they have to write the word next to the number on all our worksheets. Eventually they get really good at spelling them. At the beginning of the year it takes some of them 10-15 minutes to write them. By the end, they're finished in about 30 seconds.

Pirate Name/Desk Tags

Pirate Themed Focus Wall Cards

Pirate Literacy Center Labels

I have been sick all day from getting my tooth pulled. Note to self- never ever ever go 3 years without going to the dentist! I've never even had a cavity before this. Oh well, I can be a cautionary tale during dentist week. So I've either been nauseous from the pain pills or sleepy or loopy and all I wanted to do all day long was draw. It's my "me time". Anyway I've been working on this all. day. long. (in between napping and eating soup and ice cream that my sweet husband got for me.) For those of you in the Birmingham area, you have got to try the tomato soup from Joe's Italian. YUM. This freebie is the pattern pieces for a pirate. I even did 6 kinds of girls' hairdos. (I got carried away.) I'm going to use this for my pirate bulletin board. I just print it for each kid and let them color, cut and paste it. I guess you could cut out the pieces on construction paper, but why? It probably looks better but I ain't got time for that. Anyway here's the link. I hope you enjoy!

Pirate Pattern Freebie


Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

I'm loving the name tags!

R addington said...

oh goodie! I just uploaded a freebie on my tpt store- pirate pattern pieces. I just figured out how to take a snapshot of the computer screen so I'm fixing to try to put some better pics of my pirate stuff on here.

the name tags are not as big as the ones in the store. i really didn't want a hundred chart on there cause they're so tiny and i have plenty big ones in the room they can use.

I would seriously love to visit your classroom sometime. Might be kind of hard since we have the exact same schedule.

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