Monday, November 25, 2013

Spinning Plates

I can't think of a title for this post. Maybe it should be something like "I can't do it all" or "Balance is Impossible!" That's a good one. Or Pinterest may be from the devil.

Just lately I've been feeling just a tad overwhelmed, to say the least. I try so hard to do everything. I've always been that way, but it's gotten worse since I discovered all these great teaching blogs- and don't get me wrong, they are great. And helpful and full of new ideas. BUT, lately I've been wondering if reading the blogs is doing more harm than good.

I find myself feeling like I'm not doing enough anymore. I'm not making homemade applesauce for Johnny Appleseed day or carving out pumpkins or making an anchor chart every week. I don't do visual lesson plans and I can't seem to get math stations going at all.

Pinterest- this is a whole other kettle of fish. What was perfectly good enough last year no longer seems quite right. Everything has to be "cute." I love cute. But sometimes I think I'm pampering my own vanity with all these "cute" things I want to make.

I am very crafty and I love drawing and creating. Lately, though, it's becoming just too much. The other day, my bishop's wife was praying for me and she said, "you're just doing too much. It's like one of those plate spinners who has too many plates to keep spinning. Some of your plates are falling." 

She's definitely right. My plates are falling. (The housekeeping and cooking plates fell right around the first week of school and I haven't even tried to pick those back up! My poor husband hasn't had a home-cooked meal in so long, it's sad.) I just keep spinning those plates and I'm getting tired.

So, I'm going to try and reevaluate what's important in my life and in my classroom. Do I really need to make everything picture perfect? What's the best possible way for my students to learn this, not is this pinterest worthy? I just want to breathe. Take a breath. Play with my baby girl.

I love Joy. Being a mommy is one plate I just can't afford to drop. Look at that face!!

That being said, I still want to be the best teacher I can be, but I'm not perfect. Far from it. I hereby quit competing! I'll blog when I can blog and I'll make products for TPT when I have time. I love my job but it is not my life.

I read these blogs and I wonder: when do these women go home? Do they ever go home? They must have more energy than I do. I wish I could do everything I see, but it's just not possible.

Before I log off, I wanted to post some pictures from October. 

 We've been studying habitats. I don't even want to tell you how long these papers have been in the hall.

            Our Columbus Work- I have taken this down by now :)

 I bought two awesome units on Columbus from TPT. Both had books that were easy to understand and both had great activities. The kids really learned a lot. Highly recommend both units. I wish I had taken more pictures of the activities. No, wait. This is good enough. Trying to prioritize:) How easily I forget.

So to wrap this up, I encourage all teachers and moms to quit beating yourself up. It will get done. Just find fewer plates to spin or better yet give a couple of those plates to somebody else!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!


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