Sunday, June 23, 2013

Unit 1 Craftivities

Just got back from Orlando. We had a fabulous time. My baby girl looked oh so adorable in her new swimsuit from her Aunt Beka.

Do I have the sweetest baby or what?! She LOVES her daddy.

We got back yesterday. Today I finished my unit 1 craftivity pack. I was going to do all the stories but it was taking a loooong time to draw it all, so I just finished the first 3.


I did the pattern thing, cutting out the pieces myself. It probably looks better, but oh my, I don't have all day. By the time I passed out all the pieces, I was frazzled. So, last year I drew the pieces for The Big Blue Ox and made copies. Whew! So much easier.

Anyway, I've uploaded the pattern pieces onto TPT. My husband graciously helped me color Sam the cat.


I have the pattern pieces for Sam, Come Back! Pig in a Wig and The Big Blue Ox. I hope to finish the rest of the unit before school starts again.

Check out my coloring skills!


I enlisted the help of my nephews and nieces to finish The Big Blue Ox. Thanks, Abby, Ben, Rachel and Annaleigh!


First person to comment wins a copy! Just leave your email address.


~ Ruth Anne


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! Can't wait for the rest.


R addington said...

I'm glad you like them! I just finished A Fox and a Kit craft and am working on Get the Egg. I'll have the second half of unit 1 done pretty soon. Did you want a copy bc you are the first to comment? You didn't leave an email.

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