Friday, October 30, 2015

Roll A Word Spelling Centers

I've been creating roll-a-words for my class. They really enjoy the activities. Last week we were studying plural and singular nouns.So I created one for that lesson and they had fun with it. I just posted 3 roll-a-word spelling centers on TPT. I've made several more but haven't had time to create a cover and all of that.

If you haven't played roll-a-word, it's very easy. The kids roll a die, read the word, and follow the directions on the sheet and record the word. In the plural/singular noun roll-a-word, they had to change the singular noun to plural. Cross off the word, repeat until all words are recorded. Oh, and you go bottom to top. It's a nice hands-on activity and not a whole lot of prep. After a few times whole group, the kids should be ready to do this independently. I wanted them to have to really think about what they were doing and not just read and write the words. The last sheet has nouns that you add s, -es, and change the y to i. It really let me know who "got" it pretty quickly.

I'm going to let the inflectional endings one be an independent center this week. I thought they had that down, but I've been seeing mistakes in their writing. This packet has a lot of different ones ranging from easy to difficult.

                                This is one of the more difficult ones. All 3 ways are included.

Here are the links if anyone is interested. 


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